How will being in a running club support my running?
Pencoed Panthers is a friendly and social running club with members of varying levels. Being part of a running club supports all areas of your running. We have sessions specific to all levels of runners which are led by qualified Run Leaders.

What days are these sessions?
Monday sessions are usually an effort session which helps improve speed or strength. These sessions are suitable for all abilities as the effort is always up to the individual. Wednesday sessions are usually a longer run of about 6-7 miles. This run is supported by experienced runners and you will always have a running buddy. There is always an option to cut a run short if you are short of time or can’t do the longer distance for another reason. There is usually a longer run on weekends which will support you with half marathon or marathon training.

Do I have to attend every session?
No! You can come as little or as often as you like. It is up to you to determine how much commitment you make. The commitment is not to the club but to your own personal running journey. We understand that everyone has busy lives and you can’t always commit to a session. You are free to train with us whenever you like.

Who can join?
We are a club for adults at present. We have members of all ages and abilities over 17 years of age. People with a disability can also be catered for as long as we are made aware of the disability at the time of joining.

Do you have First Aid trained members?
Yes, we have many members who are first aid trained. However, if you have a specific medical condition such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy etc we ask that you make sure the Run Leader is aware of this in case of an emergency.

Do you just do running sessions?
At present we are offering sessions at K2 gym, to complement our effort sessions. These sessions carry a small charge but are an excellent way to improve your strength and stamina for running. We also have links to Pencoed Triathlon Club for anyone who wishes to delve into the world of triathlon.

Do I have to take part in races?
No. Races are not for everyone. However, we have seen many runners begin their journey on a 0-5k group and progress to run a half marathon within a year. Anyone who wishes to take part in races benefits from a discount as an Affiliated Member of Welsh Athletics. We are part of Bridgend County Running League which offers us local races during the summer months. This league proves to bring social and competitive running to Bridgend and often are followed by a drink and food.

Do I have to wear the Panthers Kit?
As a club affiliated to Welsh Athletics we have our registered running vest/t-shirt. This affiliated top must be worn to run in any event you have entered as a Panther. It must also be worn to take part in any Bridgend League event. Kit is available online from our kit shop. You are free to wear your own choice of sports wear for training.

Is it safe to run in the dark?
All runs are planned to take place in well lit areas. We ask that you wear hi viz clothing during the winter evenings to ensure you can be seen during our runs.

How much is membership?

Membership forms can be downloaded here. Membership is £30 per person (£55 for a couple) and includes your Welsh Athletics affiliation.

Anything else?
We really are a friendly and sociable running club. We enjoy our training but also enjoy our social events. We regularly hold events at Pencoed Social Club. The Social Club have been great supporters of the Panthers and we like to support them whenever we can. You are encouraged (this is not compulsory) to join the Social Club, for a small fee, and take advantage of their welcoming hospitality and members only events. N.B. You do not have to be a member of the Social Club to attend a function there.